WELCOME ALL VISITORS ********ECCO Vision is to be at the forefront in providing the best, the latest and most appreciate consultancy services, training and studies in the field of Electricity and Communications ******** ECCO LIBRARY .********** NEW BOOKS IN POWER ******* NEW BOOKS IN CONTROL ******* NEW BOOKS IN COMMUNICATIONS*************POSTGRADUATE THESISES*************2023 IEEE 3rd International Maghreb Meeting of the Conference on Sciences and Techniques of Automatic control and Computer Engineering.for more information click on Andriod at follow us below


TRAINING COURSES ******* ECCO Electrical Engineering training courses are mainly designed to allow individuals in the related fields, An opportunity to update their skills and improve their basic knowledge of modern industrial applications and specifications.**** The training courses in ECCO portfolio covers the topics on Electrical engineering.***** COURSE FORMAT: ***OPEN-HOUSE COURSES:** These courses will be conducted at the Safwa Hotel Halls, which located near ECCO main office in Baladya Street, Tripoli-Libya*** Exact date and location for individual courses will be announced through ECCO web site, personal communications and client requirement. *** IN-HOUSE TRAINING ECCO COURSES**** We conduct the in HOUSE TRAINING ECCO COURSES at your Company's premises and at a time convenient to your Company.*** COURSE-ON-DEMAND*** ECCO will conducted the courses just for you on one-on-one basis at a time and in a location convenient to you**** ONLINE AND DISTANCE LEARNING COURSES*** All ECCO training courses can be conducted online or distance learning. An user name and password will be e-mailed to the course participants for accessing the online course materials. ****Alternatively, a CD-ROM containing the same online materials or a master hard copy of ECCO course notes can be sent to you or to your organization. ***Instructions, course assignments, discussions and questions related to the ECCO courses are posted on the ECCO website.**** LEARN WITH ECCO *****Explore your learning options******** Whether you are a novice, expert, student, or professional, we have a training path for you. Your learning and training options range from free tips and tricks, videos, and self-service courses to paid services from professionals, certified instructors and authorized partners. The choice is yours.




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Specialized office in the consultation and training services in the field of electricity and communications. it was founded in year 2006 to contribute to development programmers and improve the technical level in the most important and largest vital sectors and the main pillars of the economy and keep pace with the changes and evolution in the era of knowledge and information.


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