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Definition of Inspection

Inspection Examination of a product design, product, service, process or plant, and determination of their conformity with specific requirements or, on the basis of professional judgment, general requirements.

  • Type of Inspection Body
  • Type A – 3rd party inspection
  • Type B – inspection to its parent organization
  • Type C – inspection to its own organization

Type of Inspection

1. Pre-production Inspection

• Inspection of pre-production against specifications of raw materials

2. During production Inspection

• Inspection of a general manufacturing process-witnessing of the production line & QC

• Inspection of the manufacturing process in particular for the purchased batch of products against the client’s specifications or standards

 3. Pre-shipment Inspection

• Inspection of the purchased products, with simple tests to check compliance prior to shipment

 4. In-service Inspection

• Inspection of cars and crane.

History of Inspection

Technical inspections have been carried out for more than hundred years in a systematically manner

  • One of the main items was to gain experience in order to reduce accidents caused by deficiencies in designee, manufacturing, operation and maintenance.

  • Human factors and material are important points

  • ISO Guides for inspection (Guide 39)

  • Development of EN 45004



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