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Vibration and Noise is an important technical and engineering phenomena used as diagnosis tool in predicative maintenance programme due to its advantage of known ahead of time for any defects or sudden failure especially in rotating machines. Vibration and Noise occur in rotating machine due to mechanical defect, which in return cause vibration levels to exceed the permissible limits. In return those levels will be monitored so that a correction can be done in programmed manner of technical workforce, spare parts and avoiding any sudden shutdowns to manufacturing process. Due to these advantages vibration and Noise phenomena is used and adopted widely as tool in any of predicative maintenance programme. In conformity with the international and widely used trend in the field of mechanical diagnosis of rotating machines the use of Vibration and Noise as a diagnostic tool are gaining wide spread acceptance for  maintenance cost reduction, run time diagnosis, increase profits and maintenance management.

 Electrical and Communications Consulting office (ECCO) has proven expertise to serve our esteemed customers in field of machinery diagnosis with the use of Vibration and Noise Phenomena. We render these unique services through a  specialized highly skilled and qualified team capable of making the needed correction ahead of time , avoiding sudden shut downs and  help contribute  enhanced production and profits .

Vibration and Noise Phenomena

Rotating machines vibrate exceeding the permissible limits due to excited forces caused by mechanical defects. The rise and fall of these limits is a clear indication of the machine operating performance.

Sources of Vibration and Noise

Vibration and Noise in rotating machines occurs and its levels exceed the permissible limits due to :

- Unbalance

- Misalignment

 -Bearing and gears defects

- Mechanical  and belt looseness

- Oil whirl

- Electrical problems

The importance of Vibration and Noise measurements and monitoring

Maintenance mangers always seek ways to diagnose machinery while it's in operation or to know in advance whenever problems or mechanical defects occur to avoid any sudden shutdowns of the manufacturing process or interruption to the regular maintenance programme. Vibration and Noise phenomena is the right tool and a remedy since vibration levels are an indication of the machine condition while it's in operation. Faulty parts such as bearing, gears, and belts are identified and the machine programmed for maintenance without any immediate shutdown.

Vibration and Noise measurements is a continuous process as an integral part of the predicative maintenance programme at any manufacturing facility with an aim to ;-
    - Support to the predicative maintenance pro


    - Just in time Spar part procurements

    - Monitoring machines operating condition

    - Efficiency improvement and working within

       the operating life of the machine.

Our  Specialized Services

Our competent, skilled, and highly experienced engineers offer our expert and unique services in Vibration and Noise phenomena categorized as follows:-

- Case study basis

- General Survey

- Monitoring ,analysis diagnosis and Corrections

- Training and Consultations




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