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ITPEV is the evaluation and verification of the conceptual and technical soundness of a design or outcome by one or more independent third party. Independent third party engineers are qualified by their education, training, and experience in the same discipline, or closely related field of science, to assess the design’s likelihood of achieving the intended objectives and anticipated outcomes.

DESIGN VERIFICATION Providing Confidence That Your Design Meets Best Practice Standards

Design Review (Design Verification) is an independent review of the designed intent of an engineered system or process. These checks can be performed against:

•           Duty holders performance standards

•           National regulatory requirements

•           Regulatory guidance and associated approved codes of practice

•           Recognized international standard (ISO/ IEC / DIN / BS etc)

•           Standards from professional societies (ASME / API etc)

•           Corporate standards

•           Design specifications

Typical equipment and systems included within the design review of an offshore Oil & Gas facility includes:

•           Primary structure and foundations

•           Hydrocarbon containment

•           Topsides process equipment

•           Risers and pipelines (rigid & flexible)

•           Well integrity

•           High integrity protection systems

•           Collision warning systems

•           Fire and gas detection systems

•           Emergency shutdown systems

•           Passive and active fire protection system

•           Personal safety and survival equipment

•           Rescue and recovery systems

•           Escape and evacuation systems

•           Emergency communications systems


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