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Temperature controls the type and quantity of thermal radiation emitted from a surface like the  one in case of incandescent  light bulb,  in which a  tungsten  filament  is electrically heated  to  a  significantly high  temperature emitting visible light. In situations where the temperature of an electrical cable is higher than supposed to be, there may be a loose contact and if not taken care of, it could possibly lead to a serious breakdown or even a fire. For this reason temperature, monitoring is an important activity. This leads to an improved safe work environments, better quality manufacturing and reduction in energy losses.

Infrared  thermography  or  thermal  imaging  is an  infrared  imaging Science wherein infrared radiation emitted  by  all  objects around us are seen as part and parcel of our's environment with or without  visible  illumination. Since the  amount  of  radiation  emitted  by  an  object  depends  on  its  temperature, therefore, thermography allows us to see variations in temperature. When  viewed  through  a  thermal  imaging  camera,  warm  objects  stand  out  well against cooler backgrounds.  Since thermography  does  not  require  direct  contact  with  the  object  under  observation,, therefore, this offers inherent advantages first and foremost because the user can stay at safe distance  from  the  dangers  of  high  electrical  voltages,  explosives  or  toxic environments.  Moreover,  the  process  of  data  acquisition  does  not  interfere in  any  way  to affect  the  object  (or  process)  under  observation.

Our Services

Electrical and Communication Consultation Office offers expert  services and use of of infrared themography or thermal imaging  for finding defects and problems of the electrical and industrial systems in the manufacturing facilities. Our services pertain to :-

- Case Study

- General Survey

- Monitoring

In addition to the report writing including thermal images.



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Specialized office in the consultation and training services in the field of electricity and communications. it was founded in year 2006 to contribute to development programmers and improve the technical level in the most important and largest vital sectors and the main pillars of the economy and keep pace with the changes and evolution in the era of knowledge and information.


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