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WELCOME ALL VISITORS ********ECCO Vision is to be at the forefront in providing the best, the latest and most appreciate consultancy services, training and studies in the field of Electricity and Communications ******** ECCO LIBRARY .********** NEW BOOKS IN POWER ******* NEW BOOKS IN CONTROL ******* NEW BOOKS IN COMMUNICATIONS*************POSTGRADUATE THESISES


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Development and infrastructure plans require the best use of tools and equipments especially in the design, planning and studies procedures. Energy, Communication and water systems projects are in  dire need of such procedures and require the use of vast land and underground, where their networks interact in providing the best services. Design, planning, map drawing and archiving of such networks require the use of latest modern technology such as RD1000.GPR SYSTEM in projects such as:

Electrical Power Cabling Network

Communication Networks

Water and Sewage Networks

Archiving and Documentation

Reports and Consultations

RD1000.GPR SYSTEM is categorized as most accurate, transportable, flexible system  connected to other output systems such as personal computer. It is highly suitable to work in narrow and specified areas along with depths that meets the international standards applied in such projects.

Our Services

Electrical and Communication Consultation Office is equipped to provide the service and use of RD1000.GPR SYSTEM by treating it as one of the best technology in planning, design ,detection of cables and pipes in any infrastructure or a development project especially for energy, communication and water networks. We also undertake services concerning map drawing, reporting and the needed consultations for the application use of RD1000.GPR SYSTEM.



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